Custom Content

Custom Content, also known as CC, are items that you can add to your game. These can include things like CAS items - eyes, skin details, clothing, tattoos and Build/Buy items - chairs, floors, beds, decor.

What are the different kinds of CC?


The mesh is basically the skeleton/bones of the object you're using. It is the original 3d object/shape required for all custom content packages to work in Sims 4. EVERY OBJECT HAS A MESH, whether it is made by EA or created by the community.


A recolor or retexture is when a simmer recolors/adds additional swatches, colors, patterns to a mesh. Most recolors/retextures will REQUIRE the original mesh to be in your game for the recolor/retexture to work. Some creators have open TOUs that allow their meshes to be included when recoloring, however, it is always best to have the original anyway.


An override is a package that replaces the original item. This is most commonly done when overriding EA meshes with community-made meshes.

Alpha VS. Maxis Match

In the Sims 4, there are two types of texture styles available for your CC.

  • Alpha style CC is more realistic and typically is higher in poly.

  • Maxis Match CC follows the same styles and textures of the game.

  • Maxis Mix is when people use both Alpha and Maxis Match items in their game.

Custom Content Tips and Resources:

Q: After downloading CAS cc, my items have checkered question marks all over.

Q: When placing build/buy cc, I get an error saying the footprint is missing.

A: You are missing the mesh! You need to revisit the original post you downloaded it from, and look for the required mesh listed.

Q: My Hair has yellow streaks in-game, but not in CAS.

A: Turn off laptop mode and turn up your graphics.

Q: My game is really lagging, but I don't want to delete any CC. What can I do?

A: Laggyness depends on your computer specs, so ultimately the only real way to fix it is to upgrade your computer. There are a couple of things you can do to improve your game:

  • Clear your localthumbcache when making major changes to your mods folder.

  • Not all computers can handle CC. If your game is lagging, try limiting your CC hairs and choosing items with lower poly counts.

  • Renaming your CC to remove special characters, such as brackets, hypens, and spaces can help with load times.

  • Merging your files into one package with S4 Studio can help with load times. While you can un-merge files, I find it helpful to keep a backup of the original files/folder just in case.

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