Where to find CC

There are TONS of places to download CC for Sims 4 on the web! Check out the links below for some of my favorite spots!

Alpha VS. Maxis Match

There are two styles of custom content - Alpha and Maxis Match.

  • Alpha style CC is more realistic and typically is higher in poly. If you're running on a low/medium computer, I would recommend staying away or using moderately.

  • Maxis Match CC follows the same styles and textures of the game.

  • Maxis Mix is when people use both Alpha and Maxis Match items in their game.

ALPHA VS MAXIS MATCH | Sims 4 Create A Sim

Alpha VS Maxis Match | The Sims 4 CAS Challenge + CC LIST

Downloading CC is generally safe, as long as you download from reputable sites and don't click on any ads. I have never had any issues with downloading CC or mods, however, download at your own risk. EA is not responsible if you download something that corrupts your game or hardware.

  • It is always safest to download directly from the creator's site, whether it be Tumblr, SimFileShare or Patreon.

  • Yes, the TSR subscriptions is worth it.

  • Do not click on any ads or pop-ups. Tips to avoid adfly at the bottom of the page.

  • Make sure you have some anti-virus measures in place. Most computers have a basic one that should suffice.

  • Stay away from big CC folders. As nice as it is to not have to shop around, you don't know what is in them or how your computer will handle them.

Alpha CC

TUMBLR SEARCHES - ts4cc, ts4 alpha, ts4 alpha cc


Girleycowsimming | Fantayzia |


PralineSims | Gorillax3 | NitroPanic | Anto | Grafty | S-Club | NataliS | Margeh-75 | DarkNight Sims | Leahlillith | Lumy-Sims | Magnolia-C |


Wondymoon |


Unfortunately, some creators still use ad-fly. I recommend the following tools and google extensions to avoid!

Chrome Extensions: Adfly Notification bypass, AdFly Skipper,

AdFly Bypass Tutorial | How to Skip & Get Past Adfly Links Tutorial (YouTube: Pink Simz) | Safety Links for Downloading CC