How to install saves

How to Set up your pc for saves:

First, locate your saves folder. On both Mac and PC, you can find it in: Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > saves

  1. Make a backup of your Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Saves folder.

  2. Download the save, which will likely come zipped. Saves come in a .save file format (or .save.verX if you have multiple versions of the same save), so those are the only ones we want to add to our saves folder. No mods, cc, tray files belong in the saves folder.

    1. Both Mac and PC have built-in extractors for Zip downloads. If the download ends in Zip, just double click on the folder and it will open up.

    2. For Rar or 7zip files, you will need to download an extra tool.

      1. For Mac, I recommend the 'Unarchiver', which is free in the app store.

      2. For Windows, you can use WinRAR or 7ZIP, both of which are free (even if they say they're not).

  3. If it says you already have a file of that name, change the slot number to something higher. Make sure you don’t have that slot number already.

    1. Change to

  4. Open your game and press the 'Load' button to open up your saves. The save should be named whatever the creator named it.

    1. Lil Simsie's save is called 'SimsieSaveX' so if you downloaded her file, you would open that save.

  5. Once you’ve opened the save, “save as” and create a new file for your own gameplay, so you can use the save again without having to redownload.

Happy Simming!