How to install sims/lots

How to Set up your pc for SIMS/Lots:

First, locate your tray folder. On both Mac and PC, you can find it in: Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Tray

Steps to download and install:

    1. Once you've located the folder, find some sims, houses, rooms, and lots you want to download - Where to Find Sims/Lots.

    2. Download the content you want. For me, it downloads to my 'Downloads' folder, but you can pick where you want it to download.

    3. Files that belong in the tray folder end with .householdbinary, .blueprint, .trayitem, .bpi, .hhi, .sgi. But will almost always come in a compressed file - Zip, rar, or 7zip. , as there will be multiple tray files included. We will need to extract them (basically open the compressed folders up so we can pull out the packages) to get the files we can put in the tray folder.

      1. Both Mac and PC have built-in extractors for Zip downloads. If the download ends in Zip, just double click on the folder and it will open up.

      2. For Rar or 7zip files, you will need to download an extra tool.

        1. For Mac, I recommend the 'Unarchiver', which is free in the app store.

        2. For Windows, you can use WinRAR or 7ZIP, both of which are free (even if they say they're not).

    4. Once we have tray files, we can add it to the tray folder. Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4 > Mods.

      1. We do not put any mods or CC in here. If your download included CC, you need to add that to your mods folder (How to install CC).

    5. Open up your game and go into the game options/settings.

    6. If you're adding tray files that do not include custom content, you don't need to enable anything in the settings.

      1. If you are using CC, in the game options under the 'Other' tab, tick off 'Enable Custom Content and Mods'. Click 'Apply Changes' and restart your game.

    7. Go into your library and the sims will be there! If you download a sim or house that has CC, you need to tick off the 'Include Custom Content' option and they will appear.

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